Seventh Dimension is a progressive metal band from Stockholm, Sweden
formed in 2009. Luca Delle Fave about the origin of their name: “Surfing
the internet I found a radio slot of the BBC that dealt a lot with sci-fi and
fantasy story telling, which is something that we also have a lot of in our music.
This radio slot was called “The 7th Dimension”. Since conceptual albums, stories
told through characters etc. were things that are part of the bands vision right
from the start, it got me inspired. The name also has this kind of futurustic and spacy vibe
to it, which I also consider to fit very well with the design of our music.”


The band was formed by Luca Delle Fave, Marcus Thorén and Rikard Wallström in the middle
of 2009 with heavy influences from progressive rock bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X,
Pain of Salvation, Andromeda among others. The trio spent much time rehersing while looking
for a keyboard player and a singer to complete the band. In the meanwhile, Luca Delle Fave
started to write music that would later end up on the first album once the band would be

During the end of the year, they found a keyboard player by the name of Andreas Smidelöv,
who later left the band after a few months for musical differences. However the band was
later completed in late 2010 with the joining of Erik Bauer on keyboards and Nico Lauritsen
on vocals.

The band started to reherse the songs that were already written and got to play live the
following year by opening to Forgotten Suns at Debaser, Medis in Stockholm. This was their first
ever performance as a full band.
Also during the same summer of 2011, the band spend a whole lot of time in their home studio in
Stockholm as well as Milk Studios in Norrköping, recording demos to promote the first album.
Two songs were later released in the winter of 2011-2012 for free on YouTube as well as for
free downloading.

During the spring of 2012 the band played a couple of one hour live sets including once again
opening for Forgotten Suns, this time in Lisbon, Portugal.


In the summer of 2012 the band once again entered the studios, this time to record their first
full-length debut album. Once again the music was recorded in the bands home studio as well as
Milk Studios where they recorded all the vocals.

The album was a conceptual album that Luca had in storage since a couple of years back and marked
the kind of storytelling the band works a lot with as well as how the music accompanies
the emotions displayed in the story. The album finally got to see the light of day when it
was released on January 15th, 2013 through Corrupted Records, created by Luca.
Even though the amount of promotion that was put into the album was weak, the reception
was very positive and brought many good reviews around countries.

Seventh Dimension played at The Dark Side of Stockholm in promotion of the album as well as
putting together a 2 hour set at Debaser, Slussen where the band played the whole album as well
as covers and songs that would appear on following records.


Shortly after the release of Circle of Life, the band started to rehearse the songs that would
end up on the next album. Songs that had been written by Luca during the recording process of
Circle of Life.

During the summer of 2013, Marcus recorded all the drums for the new album followed by Luca adding
guitars during the fall and winter. However, once completed, all the guitars were re-recoreded during
the spring of 2014 due to a change of gear that would improve the overall sound.
During the rest of 2014, bass and keyboards were added as well as vocals that were once again
recorded at Milk Studios.

In January 2015 the mixing and mastering was done and Recognition was set to be released on
Febraury 13th, 2015. A release party was held at Copperfields on February 21 to promote the album.