Seventh Dimension is a 5-piece progressive metal band that plays a very dynamic style of prog
rock/metal that offers everything from atmospheric calm moments to heavier headbang friendly
riffs with memorable melodies. The band was formed in 2009 by founding members Luca Delle
Fave (Guitars), Rikard Wallström (Bass) and Marcus Thorén (Drums) in the underground
progressive scene of Stockholm, Sweden. The bands main influences are bands such as Dream
Theater, Symphony X, Andromeda, Porcupine Tree, Opeth among others.

While searching for the remaining band members, Luca spent a lot of time writing music that would
end up on their first album, ‘Circle of Life’. In 2010, the band became complete after Nico Lauritsen
(Vocals) and Erik Bauer (Keyboards) joined the band.

In 2011, the band debuted on the live scene in Stockholm as the opening band to prog metal band
Forgotten Suns from Portugal. They would later open for them again in Lisbon.

In 2012, Seventh Dimension entered the studio to record their debut album. They immediately
marked themselves as a story telling band with big visions by debuting with a concept album that
got to see the light of day on January 15th, 2013. In promotion for the album, Seventh Dimension
kept playing around the Stockholm area as well as on prog festivals.

Shortly after the release of ‘Circle of Life’, new music was being written for the next album. The
second album ‘Recognition’ was released on February 13th, 2015. Prog Metal Zone gave
‘Recognition’ a top score and included it in their list of “Best progressive rock/metal albums of
2015” while the band also started to gain fans over in Japan.

The third album ‘The Corrupted Lullaby’ was released on November 1st, 2018 and was the most
ambitious project Seventh Dimension had done so far. It was a concept album that as a whole
displayed the bands vision of creating a story from start to finish with a fitting soundtrack to every
event. The album got a great reception, landing great reviews and much attention on various
websites and magazines, including bringing the band to perform as the main event on a show at
Wild Side, Tokyo in September 2019.

In March 2020, the band released their first ever cover song, covering Dream Theater’s classic 23-
minute prog epic ‘A Change of Seasons’ from 1995. Shortly after this, the band would start
recording their fourth album which was announced by the end of the year. The entire album was
recorded from separate locations due to the pandemic. Prior to the release of the new album, the
band released three singles on YouTube for the songs ‘Resurgence’, ‘Falling’ and ‘Black Sky: Into the

In June 2021, the fourth album ‘Black Sky’ was released, introducing a heavier side of the band with
a more compact set of punchy prog metal songs, as a contrast to the predecessor ‘The Corrupted
Lullaby’. The album was received very well, getting once again great reviews and landing high
scores on websites and magazines. In March 2023, Seventh Dimension performed two shows in
their hometown of Stockholm along with singer Markus Tälth who a couple of months later got
announced as the new lead singer of the band. Together, the new formation started working on their
fifth album that is to become the start of a new chapter for Seventh Dimension.