Of Hope & Ordeals – Tracklist

We have just received the finished master files for the new album and it is sounding fire! 🔥

We are all unbelievably excited to share the music with you all on June 21st, including all the little teasers and pieces we’ll be sharing along the way! Now that we have the finished masters, we thought we’d share the tracklist with you all!

01 The Great Unknown [09:25]
02 Ghost Veil [05:55] 03 V23 [06:11]
04 Underwater [07:47]
05 Mind Flayer [05:20]
06 Black Sky: Final Frontier [25:40]
I. Exodus
II. Arrival
III. Architects of New Horizons
IV. Lament in Silence
V. Zero Signal
VI. Rays of Light

‘Of Hope & Ordeals’ will be out on June 21st!