IV. The Shadow Man

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. IV. The Shadow Man -:-- / -:--

In moments of confusion and anger
A boy can easily pass over
And enter the dark mirror
The reflection can be invisible to oneself
And bring forth the dark side
Of a way of being
The mirror will absorb your anger
And make you feel comfortable
In your new life
Making it easy for a shadow man

Woke up in a forest
Far away from my home
I spot some light
A man behind a fire
He said “Don’t be afraid”
“I’ll give you the help you need”
He reaches out his hand
Inviting me in the night

He told me about this cruel world
Where good things never stay
He said the darkness opened his eyes
As the fire begins to fade
He invites me to take part of his life
Beside him, on the ground I see a knife
Revenge burns in a eleven year old kid
I accept to join his life

He guides me to a path
We’re running all around doing criminal acts
He wants revenge on the world
I might as well feel the same wrath

Where shall I go?
This life seems so unreal
I can’t think clear enough
This life is not for me
Now we have begun
He says it’s too late to turn back
And that we must give back evil
For the evil we’ve received

This man of shadows
Who leads me on evil ways
Who proclaims revenge
And says that the world must pay
But now I see a final picture
I do not see any reason
You won’t guide me no more
I’m walking out the door

Help me
I don’t know where I am
Or where I should go
Give me a meaning
To all that’s happening to me