V. Under the Moonlight

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. V. Under the Moonlight -:-- / -:--

Even though the darkness
Can seem to be eternal
A time will come when
There will be given a reason
To the reversed world
A familiar voice of the past
Will remind a man of a life
And of his personal paradise
But how much faith and hope
Can be received by such a subtle voice?

I wake up again
This familiar voice is repeating
I turn my head, an orb of
Light is there to guide me
It’s taking me to a place
A place I’ve never seen before
A sacred lake in the night
Then came a blinding light

I fall down on my knees
I am ready to listen
Staring into the moonlight
Reflecting on what I have done
I feel the remorse hit me hard

I cry, trying to understand life
The anger leaves me, desperation survives
This voice, explaining everything
Still I can’t understand

How that perfect life
The sense of immortality
That endless dream
Didn’t survive