VIII. The End – A New Beginning

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. VIII. The End – A New Beginning -:-- / -:--

When one reaches
The final chapter of life
A final moment of fear can rise
From not knowing what will follow
At the very end
It is the final step
And the final decision
That will decide if one
Will fade away in peace

The time has come
It’s time to join the other side
My years have passed
Now down they fall
These tears of fear I cry
A terror inside
Of fading away
Unaware about a thing
Where can I find the peace?

A quick reflection
On what I desire
The love that once
Could carry me higher

To live or to die
I’m in a place between
But I realize, I miss the ones
Who died during that dramatic scene
And now I’m here
The time has come to reach my dream
I’ll join with them, I’ll be with them
The ones who gave me life

The time is short
Let me tell you right now
About the love that always lasts
Through this circle of life
And now I’ll fade away
I’ll rise up high, up to the sky
Where we will reunite

The eight through day and night
Don’t be afraid
Please, never cry
The eternal night is a lie
These are my last words now
Always believe
That the circle of life
Will carry you out from the night