An Ancient Tale

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. An Ancient Tale -:-- / -:--

Music & lyrics by Luca Delle Fave

[The Egyptian National Library and Archives, Cairo]
[February 1922]

[The Illusionist:]
In a tale from long ago
I was but a man
Inspired by Alpharabius book
A new healing formula
I’ll try to equate to a magic melody

To reach an inner dream

I’ll find a way
To reach out to desires
Through the notes of a lullaby
I will fly
To a paradise through this conjuring

The warm, comforting major
Calls to me, invites me to the
Cold enchanting minor
I hear a melody coming alive

I feel it creeping in my ear
I feel like I’m going to collapse
Embraced with fear as I see no more
But then, a beacon of light

I’ve found a way
To reach out to desires
Just one look at my dear lost child
Before I’ll step back
Now I will help you all
With my lullaby

I’ve regained the key
To reach out to desires
And so now, my quest begins
You shall fly
To your paradise through this lullaby
You’ll all fly to find your peace