Empty Days

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. Empty Days -:-- / -:--

Music & lyrics by Luca Delle Fave

[September 1989]

[The Dreamer:]
Morning sun, the only shade of light
To carry me through these empty days
The wind of dawn caresses my cheek
In memory of a life that used to be

I can’t deny this disarray I feel
The wishful redemption is the chain that binds me
From living this life I share with you
(Living this lie)
This undeserving grief you bear

Reuniting with the past
A desire that’ll mend this broken hope inside
Refusing to move on, refusing to let go
Why can’t it be real?
Help me

Every day
My time wasted away
In hope to find a door to the past
Forgive me, Lil
Forgive me what I’ve done
By dragging you through these empty days

Her eyes so dark
Her smile so divine
Though not with lips as red as The Rose
Unceasing care
With so much love to give
Yet wasted away by my inability to forget

Yet I still invite this disarray I feel
This beloved memory of a withering rose
The images passing by through my mind
(Images passing by)
A story of which she knows none about

Still you’re searching for a key
To unlock this box in me
Sealed and locked away
Yet open

Every day
My time wasted away
In hope to shut this door to the past
Empty days
Since I can’t touch your face
Since The Rose withered away