Leaves of Fall

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. Leaves of Fall -:-- / -:--

Music & lyrics by Luca Delle Fave

[The Dreamer:]
Light not far ahead
It shines through the fading mist
Could this be the way?
I slowly feel warmer
The clouds of rain are gone
I’m somehow gaining back myself

Oh, this familiar voice next to me
Yet I can’t see a thing

I now realize
My state and condition through
The words of doctors and Lily
Now I have returned
For how long I don’t know
Is it too late for me to wake up?

For once in my life
I’ll let go of myself
I see now through Lily’s eyes
What I’ve done myself
The years she might spend alone
I must make sure to reach her
Before it’ll be too late

Our dreams, this lullaby
Shows to heal and be sealed
Yet I, became so blind
Now I see
She was always there for me

I’m sorry
Forgive me
Forgive me

Life, this endless trip
Over valleys and hills
Hope always finds a way
Let go of the past
A new chapter awaits
The blank page is always there
To fill with stories yet untold

Freedom’s calling
Go on
My dearest Lily
Reach a new dawn
Freedom’s calling
For both of us
I now bid you farewell
It is time for me to go

Hear my whisper in the wind
It will show you the way

Now it is time
To let go of myself
The pain now through Lily’s eyes
I hope you’ll understand
My eyes open suddenly
A silent message of a thousand words

And now through her eyes
I now realize
A new hope has been restored
Through the Lullaby
And I’ll carry on
In this world through you