Scent of a Rose

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. Scent of a Rose -:-- / -:--

Music & lyrics by Luca Delle Fave

[The Dreamer:]
Life, this endless trip over hills and vales
It takes us for a walk through a garden divine
Time, a ticking clock through sorrow and grief
Can bring us to afford a will to make it end

But then a drapery fell
And light was revealed
She removed it all
And found what was concealed

We drowned in each other
With words caught by wind
And that look in her eyes got closer to me
Like there was no need for hiding
‘Cause she felt it too
We had found a beginning
Now shared by two

Days, as weeks went by
Yet they stood still
For everyday’s the same
You’re the only thing on my mind
I could lift the mask
‘Cause she saw who I am
Together we could form
A kiss beyond heaven

Rose, I loved you so
I gave you all that I am
Stunned by how she loved me too
She said she’s all mine

We drowned in each other
Determined to stay
And that look in my eyes
Stared back at me
I would always be standing
Right there by her side
Like there was no tomorrow
I would never leave her behind

[The Dreamer & The Rose:]
Our hands gently touching our skin
(A thousand words)
Floats in the air unspoken
(This garden divine)
“I shall stay here with you”
(“‘Til our final days”)
A meaning to life
Had never felt so true

[The Dreamer:]
We drowned in each other
As I held your hand
I saw the look in her eyes
Seizing to be
You said you would be standing
Right there by my side
It’s been fifteen years of empty days
Since you’ve been gone