The Dreamer’s Escape

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. The Dreamer’s Escape -:-- / -:--

Music & lyrics by Luca Delle Fave

[The Dreamer:]
The sky is fading away
Before my very eyes
This broken simulation
Is trapping my soul
I’m cold and all alone
The Rose is no more
The winter’s drawing closer
How could I believe?

Curse you, Illusionist
In fury I shout
Shall I yield to this day?
And let go of all?
Why have you done this to me?
You’ve shattered my world
Why didn’t you tell me of its mysteries?
You must have known

I stand in oblivion
I fear there’s nowhere to run
Trapped in this dream
My ending theme
But something’s engaging me
I welcome this epiphany
I’ll wake up

An echoing voice in this chamber
Is calling for me
I feel there’s a way out
From this delusory place
One last fight
I will find the gateway back home
No longer regret the past
I will run back to a life
I shall embrace

There’s almost nothing left
I barely know if I’m still here
The black ground is holding me down
Can’t go on

Can’t feel myself
(My senses fade away)
Detaching my mind from my soul
(It fades away)
Heart turns to stone
(Much heavier than before)
But I need to reach Lily again