When Liberty Calls

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. When Liberty Calls -:-- / -:--

Music by Luca Delle Fave
Lyrics by Nico Lauritsen

[September 1989]

[The Dreamer:]
Once there was a song
Tender and deep
In a world where dreams
Could unite the foreseen
Transcending melody
Searching for harmony
Oh, sweet Rose
All that I am will be here

Fueled by memories
This dream is more than real
All that I’ve known
Is so surreal and blurred
Oh, sweet Rose
Come, sweet heart
Into the silvery gates

Now I see
Illusions unveiled
Still asleep in dreamscapes
I just can’t leave be
I have no fear no more
I will let go
Now, sweet Rose
All that I am will be yours