We have just received the finished master files for the new album and it is sounding fire! 🔥

We are all unbelievably excited to share the music with you all on June 21st, including all the little teasers and pieces we’ll be sharing along the way! Now that we have the finished masters, we thought we’d share the tracklist with you all!

01 The Great Unknown [09:25]
02 Ghost Veil [05:55] 03 V23 [06:11]
04 Underwater [07:47]
05 Mind Flayer [05:20]
06 Black Sky: Final Frontier [25:40]
I. Exodus
II. Arrival
III. Architects of New Horizons
IV. Lament in Silence
V. Zero Signal
VI. Rays of Light

‘Of Hope & Ordeals’ will be out on June 21st!

We are excited to announced that on Friday April 26th, Seventh Dimension will be performing along with Misth and Siren at Encore in Sundbyberg, Stockholm!

On this special night dedicated to progressive rock and metal, we’ll perform a very special set where we’ll play plenty of songs we’ve never performed live before. This includes songs from our latest album ‘Black Sky’ as well as new unreleased songs from our upcoming fifth album!

More info about the show on the event: Progressive Rock -kväll på ENCORE!

Tickets available at: https://secure.tickster.com/en/uc7nrcpk7pew2ap/products

See you in the Seventh Dimension!

News from the Seventh Dimension!

We’ve been quiet for a few months but the time has come to start sharing some teasers with you all! The reason we’ve been quiet is because we’ve been working hard on our new and upcoming album and we’re happy to announce that we’ve finished the entire recording process!

Right now we are looking over a few things before the mixing and mastering phase starts later this month. We will little by little share clips and pieces of news during the upcoming months, but we wanted to share a little something with you right now, so here’s a clip from the vocal recording sessions earlier this month.

Stay tuned

// Seventh Dimension

We have some sad news but also exciting news!

After 13 years together, various circumstances have caused us to go separate ways with our singer Nico. We thank Nico and are very grateful for these 13 years and 4 albums together. We also wish him good luck with everything going forward.

However the good news are that this has led us to unite with an old friend of ours. A friend who some of you very recently heard performing with us live.

We would therefore like to welcome Markus Tälth into the band as the new lead singer of Seventh Dimension!

We got to know Markus all the way back in 2013 as the lead singer/guitar player of prog metal band Structural Disorder. Our bands connected early on and we played many gigs together throughout the years. He is very excited to be in the band and we are very excited to have him in the band and the family!

For those of you who don’t know Markus SacerMorbus Tälth, he is a multi-instrumentalist with lots of creativity, an excellent photographer, has a wonderful personality and a great taste for beer.

We now can’t wait to share the new material we’ve been working on, but rest assured that Seventh Dimension is alive, active and with a new reignited flame of excitement for the future!

This is of course a big change for us, as we have never had a member change in 13 years. But we are only heading into a new chapter and that chapter is looking bright!

See you soon in the Seventh Dimension!
// The boys

Our new album BLACK SKY has been released and is now available on all major digital platforms! You can also buy a physical copy of the album which comes as a digipak with an 8-page booklet either via Bandcamp or here on our website!

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/4TJNNA0eqiU7qoeNgONmgc?si=rJ4Lw0-QTSyX_k2TBSEKxA&dl_branch=1&nd=1
APPLE MUSIC/iTUNES: https://music.apple.com/se/album/black-sky/1571189598?l=en

BANDCAMP: https://seventhdimension.bandcamp.com/

We’re very excited to see your reactions!

We only have 4 days left until the release of our new album ‘BLACK SKY’! To anybody who wishes to join us, we’ll have a YouTube release party where we’ll have a live stream of the entire album! You will also be able to chat with Luca, Erik, Rikard and Marcus in the live chat!

The stream will take place on Friday the 18th, starting at:

CEST – 17:00
GMT – 15:00 (3:00 PM)

We’re very excited for you all to hear the new album and we hope to see some of you join us for that experience!

Link to the stream:

We’ve been having a few issues with a couple of orders on our website store, however the problem seems to have resolved itself.

If there’s anybody who has pre-ordered the album without receiving a confirmation, or encountered any other abnormalities during the payment procedure, please contact us at:

Best regards
Seventh Dimension

Watch the lyric video for our new single ‘FALLING’ on YouTube! This is the second single after ‘RESURGENCE’ from our upcoming album BLACK SKY set to be released on June 18th!


To order the album, we have an on-going Kickstarter campaign right now to print physical copies, with 7 days remaining on the campaign! We’re currently at 80% and your support can help us reach our goal! Pre-order the album by supporting us at:


Big news from Seventh Dimension!

We are happy to unveil the first piece of music from our upcoming album through the release of our first music video and single ‘RESURGENCE’ that is out NOW on YOUTUBE!

On a further note, a release date has also been set for the new album and we’re thrilled to announce that ‘BLACK SKY’ will be out on JUNE 18!

With that said, we’re now also launching the funding campaign for getting the album printed in a beautiful CD digipack with a 8-page booklet. We already have all the artwork and design done. However, printing costs are always heavy for an independent band like ourselves, especially immediately after production. The pandemic has also made it harder for us to make money through live gigs, but fortunately the printing costs this time around are less than last time when we had a double CD. By supporting, you of course will get your own copy of the album, so consider your support as a pre-order. Although you can also donate freely without any perks.

We have put together different packages that comes with different rewards. If you want to read more or wish to help us with printing physical copies of ‘BLACK SKY’, check out the Kickstarter campaign on the link below:


Thank you for all your support
// Seventh Dimension