We are happy to unveil the cover art and super excited to announce our upcoming new album ‘BLACK SKY’!

‘BLACK SKY’ will be our 4th album and will bring forth the aggressive side of Seventh Dimension, being the heaviest music we will have put out so far! This doesn’t mean that the album is nothing but heaviness however, as you’ll find some softer breathers along the way! This fresh dark set of themes to our library also includes some of the more personal lyrics from us so far.

‘BLACK SKY’ is aimed for release during spring!

Apart from this, this past autumn has also marked the 10 year anniversary since we became a complete band and of us having been the same members ever since. In celebration of this, we’ve created a 9-part documentary series that will cover everything we’ve done and been through since the band’s formation. This documentary will be released one episode at a time starting from January!

We look very much forward to introduce you all to the next chapter of Seventh Dimension! Be in tune for many updates the coming months!

Cover artwork by Pierre-Alain D. / 3mmi Design – www.3mmi.org

With just 2 weeks left to release, we can finally share with you a trailer, made for The Corrupted Lullaby that will be released on November 1:st!

Special guest performance in the video by Linda Lundberg of Since Ever, playing her character from the album.

Watch the trailer below!


Thanks to all of our backers we managed to not only reach our goal after just a week, but also surpass it by a lot before the end of the campaign period.

All of us in Seventh Dimension are very grateful to all of you and excited to send you not only the music, but also the physical copy that you’ve made possible for us to print!

A big thank you and warm regards,
Luca Delle Fave, Erik Bauer, Marcus Thorén, Rikard Wallström, Nico Lauritsen

With two months left until the release of our new album, we’re now launching the funding campaign for the possibility of getting the album printed in a beautiful double-CD digipack with a 12 page booklet.

We already have all the artwork and design done. But since the album is a double CD, the printing cost is quite expensive. Because of this, printing physical copies will only be possible with the help of fundraising.

We have put together different packages that comes with different rewards. If you want to read more or wish to help us with printing physical copies of the album, check out the Kickstarter campaign on the link below:


Big news from Seventh Dimension!

We are happy to unveil the cover and super excited to announce our upcoming new album ‘THE CORRUPTED LULLABY’! It will be released and available digitally on November 1st on most music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, last.fm and many more!

‘THE CORRUPTED LULLABY’ is a double-CD concept album with a story from start to finish accompanied by more than two hours of music. The album was mixed and mastered by Anthony Berlin and contains contributions from several voice actors as well as additional vocals provided by Linda Lundberg of the band Since Ever.

Being our biggest ambition to date, we didn’t wanna reveal anything until the product was finished. Now that the album is mixed, mastered and ready for release soon, it feels great to finally share some news!