Black Sky: Into the Void

Seventh Dimension
Progressive Metal
  1. Black Sky: Into the Void -:-- / -:--

Music by: L. Delle Fave & E. Bauer
Lyrics by: Marcus Thorén

We are heading for the stars
Trail ablaze as we take off
Now we’re bound to this life
(There is no turning back)
Thermal engine — pressure high
Thrust to make us leave
The exosphere far behind

(Two hundred nights)
What is time anyway?

(Enter the night)
A brief, bitter sense of fear

(Two hundred nights)
Like being born again

(Enter the night)
Into the void we now go

Induced sleep we must survive
From calculations we comply

Enter torpor, enter night
Booting the system shuts the light
Black Sky

Emaciated, waking up again
Now realizing that we’re close
Sense of inertia and we see our goal
Our time is nigh, breaching the skies
Future’s yours and mine