We have some sad news but also exciting news!

After 13 years together, various circumstances have caused us to go separate ways with our singer Nico. We thank Nico and are very grateful for these 13 years and 4 albums together. We also wish him good luck with everything going forward.

However the good news are that this has led us to unite with an old friend of ours. A friend who some of you very recently heard performing with us live.

We would therefore like to welcome Markus Tälth into the band as the new lead singer of Seventh Dimension!

We got to know Markus all the way back in 2013 as the lead singer/guitar player of prog metal band Structural Disorder. Our bands connected early on and we played many gigs together throughout the years. He is very excited to be in the band and we are very excited to have him in the band and the family!

For those of you who don’t know Markus SacerMorbus Tälth, he is a multi-instrumentalist with lots of creativity, an excellent photographer, has a wonderful personality and a great taste for beer.

We now can’t wait to share the new material we’ve been working on, but rest assured that Seventh Dimension is alive, active and with a new reignited flame of excitement for the future!

This is of course a big change for us, as we have never had a member change in 13 years. But we are only heading into a new chapter and that chapter is looking bright!

See you soon in the Seventh Dimension!
// The boys